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Company Profile

Mission Statement


We strive to become a leader in the Planning and Development Consulting Industry by providing a cost effective, customized service. We create an opportunity to succeed for our Clients by managing approvals in a cost efficient and time sensitive manor.




Following a partnership position at a prominent national multi-discipline Engineering, Planning, and Environmental Sciences Firm, Claudio founded Brutto Consulting in 1997.Throughout his career, Brutto Consulting has consulted to both public and private sector clients on a wide variety of projects, and a hands-on approach to Planning incorporates novel community design with careful consideration for long-term sustainability and economic feasibility. 


At Brutto Consulting, there is an exceptional talent for designing efficient communities, which capitalize on highest and best use. Our keen passion for Urban Planning, and genuine care for their clients’ success is what gives them a competitive edge. 







Claudio has been involved in all aspects of Land Use Consulting for over 30 years and has been a full member of the Canadian Institute of Planners since 1986.


Throughout his career, Claudio has been involved in comprehensive Project Management for large-volume land development groups, corporate clients, as well as reputable infill builders and has extenive experience with all land uses, speficially from a Land Economics perspective.

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