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Our Expertise

The Planning Process in Ontario is an increasingly complex bureaucratic system and requires experience and knowlege to navigate successfully. Brutto Consulting understands what is required to obtain development approvals in a cost efficient and time sensitive manner to meet the demands of our Clients.  Years of experience has enabled our team to provide in-depth strategic advisory services on any aspect of land development, from the initial stage of property purchase, undertaking value added approvals and land and property disposition at time of highest and best value.   
Development Approvals

We have extensive experience in gaining municipal approvals for all types of Planning Applications.


This includes more complex applications (Official Plan + Zoning By-law Amendments, Plans of Subdivision and/or Condominiums, etc.) to the more straight-forward (Consents & Minor Variances, Building Permits, etc.)

Project Management

Brutto Consulting has access to a dedicated team of professionals from all disciplines including Legal Representation, Professional Engineers, Environmental and Terrestrial Specialists, and skilled Architects.

When we manage your project, we will assemble the appropriate team to offer our clients the most comprehensive service possible.

Strategic Guidance

Unique to our firm is the ability to provide our clients with advice at the early stages of the development process. 

Our team has the network in place to help you find sites for development projects, and advise on the most effective land use in order to maximize returns.

Subdivision + Site Design

Our team prides itself in designing communities that enhance surrounding areas to create a desirable place to live, and our extensive experience allows us to design a site layout the makes the most efficient use of valuable land. 

We work with each municipality to ensure that our projects fall within speculation, while maintaining integrity and elegance. 


Ontario Municipal Board

In our experience, it is always desirable to resolve any Planning objections prior to escalating to the Ontario Municipal Board, however, in the event that the OMB is required to mediate, we offer advice at every stage in the process.

We provide expert evidence and testimony and are capable of leading a multi-disciplinary team on your behalf.

3D Project Modelling

Whether being used as evidence for an OMB Hearing or as marketing for potential investors, we have experience in creating 3D Development Models. 

These are a underrated tool to help others visualize a conceptual project. Please see the Project Sample for our work in this regard.


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